Sister Tess Teaze

 am Teresa Pearson. I am Emeritus Fully-Professed Sister Tess Teaze of the DFW Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

I began my journey in January 2016 and elevated to Fully-Professed in January 2017.

I am a straight woman, raising two young granddaughters in my Golden Glitter years. I strive to raise them with a compassionate heart and an open mind for humanity. I am also an Ally for LGBTQ, a nurturer, a teacher, a seeker, a protector, a lover & friend, a fighter and I make pretty good cookies, too!

I'm proud to say that my Big Sister, as a Postulant, was one of the Founders of the DFW Sisters, Sister Eve Angelica... and my Mother, as a Fully-Professed Sister, is Sister Missy DaPointe.

I served a short term as MoN (Mistress of Novices) in 2017.

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