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Sister Shahiralotta Voicez (Lottie)

I'm a Louisiana native who lived in Dallas, TX for over a decade before moving to Northwest Arkansas and recently, South Florida to start the 4th major chapter in my life. I made a commitment to remain active within my House and the world-wide Order; so as a Fully Professed Sister with the Abbey of the Lone Star, DFW Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I'm joyed to continue this journey of humility, self discovery, and community advocacy and service! I have a passion for HIV Vaccine research along with GLBT community advocacy and activism. I've experienced true love and crushing despair. I consider myself a skeptical and belligerent Catholic and borderline Diest. I believe actions speak louder than words; life should be lived to its fullest; in never stop learning; forgiving but don't necessarily forgetting; to thine own self be true; in always showing respect; that honesty generally is the best policy even though it may hurt; in smiling sincerely. My favorite quote is by Martin Luther King: "Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."


Big Sister 

Sr. Polly von Acocker


Sr. Kerianna Kross


February 5th, 2012

Artboard 38

The Calling:

I first encountered the Sisters in 2006 during Folsom Street Fair. I was petrified yet mesmerized as they latched onto me like bears to honey. I was impressed by their presence and charisma throughout the weekend. I consider myself Catholic (although skeptical & free thinking) but when I first met the Sisters what attracted me was the fact I was seeing "a bunch a crazy drag queen clown nuns". I was immediately fascinated and drawn to them because of what appeared to be religious parody. After researching I gained an understanding of the guise and the mission and I knew I wanted to be a queer nun. The nuns of the Catholic Church are ones who care for the sick; educate the young; and care for the masses. They are often at odds with the male hierarchy of the Church. When I don the habit I feel it is my responsibility to "minister" to my community as a pillar of support and positive energy. I think we affect people differently based on their personal beliefs and prior experiences. Some see us as following a calling others see us as heretical. Ultimately I feel people see us as an enlightened group trying to make our community and world a better place.

Children:  Gd Alyssa Fetishes, Sr. Lucinda Morals