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Sister Pure Elle


Big Sister 

Sister Pat O'Butter


Sister Eunice X (Boston)


November 2011

Artboard 38

The Calling:

Looking back not always fitting the norms growing up, I found a group within the gay community called bears. Being able to feel comfortable as myself (body and mind), finding a very accepting niche. Fast forward several years, with the bear community becoming segregated, wanting to bring back together that community. So I took on the role as Mr. New England Cub, and choose to run at the International Bear contest. Even though I was not sure, I ended up meeting a group of white face clown nuns. I saw how the community in San Francisco respected them. After doing a little research, I got the idea of what the Sisters were trying to do, and felt that this organized group would be great to help me out. All though there was no house in the New England area, then I found out, that two San Francisco Sisters had moved and were starting one. That was about back in 2009, and I am now working to help not only my community, but everyone as a whole.

Little Sisters:  Sister Sandra Musique (Boston)