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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP) is when people at very high risk for HIV take daily medicine to prevent HIV. PrEP can stop HIV from taking hold and spreading throughout your body. When taken daily, PrEP is highly effective for preventing HIV from sex or injection drug use. PrEP is much less effective when it is not taken consistently.

Studies have shown that PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99% when taken daily. Among people who inject drugs, PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV by at least 74% when taken daily.

PrEP 101

Local DFW PrEP Programs

HELP Fort Worth - LGBT Center

HELP’s Centers for LGBT Health and Wellness are conveniently located in Arlington and Fort Worth. At our Centers you can receive PrEP for FREE. There is no cost to see the practitioner, for required labs, or for your medications. PrEP is the best tool we have had to allow our community to take control of their HIV status. HELP is committed to eliminating the financial barriers many people face when trying to access PrEP.

Arlington Center 

200 E. Division, Arlington, Texas 76011 


Mon-Thurs: Noon-8pm

Fort Worth Center 

1717 S. Main Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76110  


Tues: 5pm-9pm Sat: 10am-2pm

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Resource Center - PrEP Care Program

PrEP Care Program line 214-540-4477, please call for appointments and fees. PrEP Care Program hours are Monday, Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Se habla español.

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Prism Health - PrEP Program

There are trained professionals at Prism Health North Texas to help you decide if PrEP could be a good option for you. You may also discuss the option with your primary care physician.

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The PrEP Project - All Episodes

CDC Guide for Using PrEP

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