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Sister Gyna Love 

I am a husband, a father of 2 beautiful daughters and an amazing son, and a reformed right-wing conservative who became an openly accepting and loving progressive upon discovering that there were so many things in this world that were more important than money. I advocate for equality and human rights, diversity and acceptance of others, and STI awareness and prevention. I believe that acceptance and tolerance are not synonymous, and that love requires acceptance.


Big Sister 

Sister Sasha Cochteaze


Sister Missy DaPointe


October 3rd 2016

Artboard 38

The Calling:

To promulgate omniversal joy and expitiate stigmatic guilt while manifested to spread STI awareness and prevention, to raise much needed money for any number of LBTQ+ causes and HIV research and care, or otherwise serve the LGBTQ+ community of North Texas.

Little Sisters – Postulant Versdyn Love