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Fully Professed

Fully Professed Members of the Order, have all of the rights and privileges of a Member: they may vote, represent the Order and manifest as they feel called to do so. Fully Professed Members also may hold office and help shape the direction and development of the Order. Our Fully Professed Members serve the Order in many different roles; taken as a whole, they make the Order what it is.

Addie Rail

Alley Gation

Mistress of Events 

Babylon Enonanon

Chatty cartoon character in white face and feathers

Sister Profile

Ben Zo Anxious

Blanche Davidian

Mistress of Bliss

Chyna Boofay


Christina Manger

Mistress of Coffers

“You only got 3 choices in life: Give up, Give In, or Give it all you got.”

Sister Profile

Devlyn Redd


Delilah Dolittle

Mistress of the House

Talks with Pups, Bears, Otters, Pigs & more.

Sister Profile

Enya Inndo

UNPC Alternate Delegate

Missionary (Longview TX)

GrrrLee Fruitfly


Gyna Love

I subscribe to the principle that all humans are created equal regardless of the many labels we have assigned to classify each other.

Sister Profile

Jackie Lations

Karen Love

Knot Karen

Master of Protocol

Herder of Cats

Guard Profile

Lawna Jocqui


Lola Hangers

Mistress of Novices & Archives

A crafty Nun who will find a way to put something random, giant, and gaudy on her coronet.

Sister Profile

Merrianne Bright

Pat O'butta

Mistress of Habits

Polly von Acocker

Mistress of Communications

Ophelia Nutz

Missionary (OR)

Rita Lipps

Mistress of Education

Sasha Cochteze

Mistress of Ceremonies, Rituals, Saints and Angels

A WHOREder of puppies, boys, little’s, bears, cubs, otters, and daddies!

Sister Profile

Shahiralotta Voicez

UNPC Delegate

Missionary (FL)

Just another bipolar nun so…OMG, A SQUIRREL!!!

Sister Profile

Victoria N Cheesus

The Blessed Nun!

Mistress of Web

Missionary (AR)

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Join Us!

Want to volunteer? 

Volunteer with us at an event, help us assemble our bliss kits or other projects, or donate a professional skill. We need helping hands from event set up to crafting parties. It takes all kinds of work to keep a convent running and supporting the community. Submit an application by clicking here.

Want to become a Sister or Guard? 

Your path towards Sisterhood starts by contacting the Mistress of

Novices, and attending a General Meeting. Meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month at 2pm. For location or other questions, please contact our Mistress of Novices or submit an application by clicking clicking here