Who do I Contact?

For general questions or concerns, please contact the Mistress of the House (President)

For membership inquiries, please contact the Mistress of Novices (Vice-President)

If you would like the Sisters to come to an event to either help or just to attend, contact the Mistress of Events

For questions regarding donations or financial matters, contact the Mistress of Coffers (Treasurer)

For questions or concerns regarding the website, contact the Mistress of the Web

Join Us!

Want to volunteer? 

Volunteer with us at an event, help us assemble our bliss kits or other projects, or donate a professional skill. We need helping hands from event set up to crafting parties. It takes all kinds of work to keep a convent running and supporting the community. Submit an application by clicking here.

Want to become a Sister or Guard? 

Your path towards Sisterhood starts by contacting the Mistress of

Novices, and attending a General Meeting. Meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month at 2pm. For location or other questions, please contact our Mistress of Novices or submit an application by clicking clicking here

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