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Sister Christina Manger

I am the Mistress of Coffers (Treasure), I have been a volunteer in the LGBTQ community since 1996, I was an HIV Counselor at Nelson Tebedo and I was on the AIDS Arms LifeWalk steering committee before I became a DFW Sister. My partner and I have been together since 1990, we have a home in the suburbs.


Big Sister 

Sister Bertha Sinn


Sister Bertha Sinn


December 4th, 2011

Artboard 38

The Calling:

I have many friends that are HIV positive and have never been afraid of this. I have been involved in counseling and testing for years. A few years back I was involved with Aids Arms Life Walk as Co-Chair and was ask if I would do a mock HIV test on someone while being filmed. I was ok with this and the person being tested was ok with this. This person was a long time friend. We went to the Peabody Health Clinic with a film crew and set up for this mock counseling and testing event. I performed the test while being filmed and started the test. Simple enough you would think. We all went out to the lobby everyone said their good bye. I went back to the exam room to clean up and that is the moment I found my calling. I have known my long time friend was positive but when I looked at that test it became a reality for me and I fell apart. I have been searching for my calling ever since that moment and when I met the sister at LifeWalk last October 2010. I then found what I was searching for.

Little Sisters:  Sister Devlyn Redd, Sister Eyna Inndo, Novice Karen Love

Children:  Novice Sister Tatiana Thunder Snatch (Tulsa), Novice Sister Poppy Bea Enya and Novice Sister Karen Love